Touchstone Group is an independent full-service placement agent founded in 2002. We represent fund managers in private equity and other illiquid alternative investment strategies targeting a broad spectrum of institutional investors. Our core investor coverage is North American and European institutions, and we also cover large investors in Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

Our clients are “institutional-quality” fund managers from around the world whose strategies, team compositions, and track records meet the requirements of leading institutional investors. Our global perspective and experience, together with our New York City headquarters, makes us an ideal partner for US, European, Latin American, Asian, and African fund managers who wish to access institutional investors and professional family offices within our geographic coverage.

Touchstone’s professionals have extensive buy-side experience, having been executives within large financial institutions, principals in investment management firms, and consultants to major pension funds. We understand the needs of institutional investors and the alternative asset managers in which they choose to invest.